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There are some severe cases of tooth decay and dental trauma that so badly compromise a tooth that it simply cannot be treated by conventional means. In an instance like this our dentist, Dr. Jorgensen might advocate extracting whatever remains of the tooth. Once the affected oral tissues have fully healed our dentist might recommend a dental implant restoration. Over the course of the last twenty years this treatment has become a very popular method for replacing lost teeth.

The process involves a minimally invasive oral surgery during which our dentist and her team insert a titanium dental implant into the existing bone structure. As time goes on the titanium material will gradually bond with your bone tissues. This will essentially replicate the root strength of the original tooth. When that process is complete, our dentist will prepare an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown. The material she uses for the dental work will vary depending on the tooth’s location in your mouth. If the tooth will be visible when you smile, the dentist might recommend using a porcelain dental crown. This is a special material that can be shaded to perfectly mimic your tooth enamel. A gold or metal alloy crown might be used to replace a molar or premolar.

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