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Maintaining an effective daily oral hygiene regimen is a very important step in preventing dental caries, gum disease, and latent tooth decay complications. This starts with brushing your teeth once each morning and once each night, as well as making an effort to always floss at least once each day.

Consistency with these oral hygiene habits will serve to remove plaque buildup and residual food particles before they can harden into tartar or promote tooth decay. You should also note that the quality of the oral hygiene products you use can also be a factor in the effectiveness of your oral hygiene efforts.

To help consumers spot the difference between a quality oral care product and one meant for Cosmetic use the American Dental Association instituted their Seal of Acceptance program. This includes a battery of testing and research to make sure the product in question meets their high standards for safe and effective use in a daily oral hygiene routine.

Once an oral hygiene product meets the necessary standards the manufacturer can print the ADA’S logo on their packaging.

The American Dental Association also maintains an index of approved products on their website. This allows you to take your time researching the right oral hygiene products for you and your family from the comfort of your own home.

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