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Drill-less dentistry, also known as Air Abrasion, is one of the latest advancements in dental technique. We combine the strength of pressurized air with an abrasive powder to result in a procedure that can eliminate small areas of accessible tooth decay easily, quickly, and most importantly…. painlessly!!

Dr. Jorgensen is often able to use this instrument without any local anesthesia at all, while the patient remains completely comfortable. Air Abrasion can be used when treating both children and adults, and both groups of patients have been very pleased with how quick and painless the entire procedure is.

We are now able to diagnose tooth decay earlier and fill the area more conservatively. You, our dentist, and our team no longer need to “watch” decay get bigger and potentially more sensitive or uncomfortable. The advent of Air Abrasion has really been a benefit to our patients. Many have been extra happy that they are able to have their procedure done and then go back to their normal busy schedule without the feeling of numbness or the possibility of biting their lip or tongue after the procedure. We are pleased to offer this technique to our patients.

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