Digital X-Rays

Our office utilizes digital intraoral (inside the mouth) radiographs. This technology is state of the art and has really taken dental imaging to a whole new level. One of the most important aspects of this technology is that it allows us to capture an extremely accurate image while using the least amount of radiation possible. We are able to use nearly 80% less radiation than with old fashioned film.The image can also be enhanced by the computer to show greater contrast, sharpen the image's details and even enlarge the image. We are also able to communicate better with our referring partners as well as the insurance companies because the images can be sent via email so they are accesible on the recipient's computer. We are also able to print the xrays very easily on our office printer so you can take the xrays with you in the event we recommend a referral to a specialist for limited treatment. We are also able to be sure that we have just the perfect image because the xray is visible on the computer screen in seconds. No more waiting for xrays to develop! The information is at our fingertips right away.

We also have computer screens in each treatment room so that we are able to show our patients what is going on in their mouth. Our patients are actually able to see what we see and in this way are able to understand and participate in their care. We believe that it is this partnership that helps build trust and long-lasting relationships with our patients.

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