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Dental fillings are typically bonded or cemented in place to treat a tooth suffering from a cavity or a minor physical defect. They are intended to restore the basic function and structural integrity of the previously affected tooth.

As time passes any inconsistencies in your oral hygiene routine or failing to attend your routine dental checkups can lead to a buildup of plaque acids in your mouth. If it isn’t countered in a reasonable amount of time the acidic oral environment could weaken your tooth enamel and compromise the once strong bond holding a dental filling in place.

In some of these instances a distressed dental filling will cause noticeable discomfort and sensitivity. Yet some distressed dental fillings manifest few symptoms and simple disassociate from the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you have just had a dental filling fall out, you need to have it examined by dentist like Dr. Jorgensen. After examining the compromised tooth, she will present you with an effective treatment plan.

In a case where there isn’t sufficient healthy tooth enamel remaining to secure a replacement dental filling, she might recommend a dental crown restoration. The treatment process involves removing whatever remains of the tooth’s enamel layer to prepare an abutment from the core structure of the tooth.

The dental crown will be prepared from materials meant to rival the durability of natural tooth enamel. Our dentist will then use a special dental adhesive to secure it to the abutment.

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