No Insurance? No Problem!

Legacy Family Dentistry is pleased to now offer a Dental Care Wellness plan to our patients who do not have traditional dental benefits. This plan allows our patients the opportunity to get the dental care they need and want without breaking the bank! The plan is available to both new and existing patients of the practice. Not having traditional dental insurance should not stand int the way of needed dental treatment! Knowing that dental insurance premiums are expensive and that those benefits are extremely limited, we have created a comprehensive and customized membership program that will cover 100% of your preventive care in our practice, including cleanings, xrays, exams...and so much more!

The best part is that this plan involves no deductibles, no claims processing, no maximums and no exclusions!

What you will receive: During the covered period of 12 months (starting any day of the year you choose)

1. Two Comprehensive Dental Exams by Dr. Jorgensen with your check ups.

2. Xrays: One Full Mouth Set of Xrays (18 films), 6 Vertical Bitewing Xrays or 2 Bitwewing xrays (depending on your age and the last time you had xrays).

3. Two Routine Dental Cleanings for a healthy mouth (deep cleaning/Scale and Root Plan treatment for gum disease is different and will be charged at 85% of our normal fee, which reflects the 15% automatic discount of your wellness plan). This type of treatment usually means that you will need to be seen more frequently for the maintenance of your gum health. For our patients who are on a four month recall schedule (3 mainentance cleanings per year) we will discount the first two cleanings at 15% off and the third cleaning is covered at 100%; for those patients on a three month recall schedule (4 mainentance cleanings per year), we will discount the first two maintenance visits at 15% off and the remaining two mainentance cleanings will be covered at 100%.

4. Fluoride Varnish treatment at all cleanings

5. Oral Cancer Screenings at all cleanings

6. Emergency Exam/Xrays: One extra emergency exam with needed xrays per year

7. An Automatic Discount on All other dental treatment; no exclusions or maximums. Bleaching and Cosmetic procedures which are typically exluded by traditional insurance plans are all covered under this wellness plan and at a 15% discount!

Please call our office for more details and information so you and your family can enroll and benefit from this plan starting today!

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