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Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth from an accidental fall or sports injury can affect a tooth without any overt damage to the visible tooth enamel. In some of these cases, the force applied to the tooth causes the root structure to fracture, or causes swelling deep within the periodontal tissues.

As time goes on the latent inflammation and pressure placed on the root or nerve of the tooth can cause gradually worsening toothache pain.

If you are experiencing any discomfort after a recent oral trauma, you need to have the problem examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Jorgensen.

If you need help managing the pain while you wait for your appointment, you could try rubbing some topical oral analgesic. It might also help to take a standard dose of some over the counter anti-inflammatory medication.

In some of these cases, the root of the tooth might be significantly traumatized, calling for Dr. Jorgensen to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy will effectively remove traumatized material before restoring sufficient structure to secure a dental crown restoration.    

If you live in the Gainesville, Georgia, area and you are experiencing discomfort linked to a recent oral trauma, you should not delay in calling 770-536-1170 to have it examined and treated at Legacy Family Dentistry.