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If you have recently suffered a knocked-out tooth, the site of the tooth may be too badly damaged to restore the tooth to the socket, resulting in its total loss. Consequently, your ideal treatment option may be to remove any and all tooth remnants to prevent further dental complications and then review your options for tooth replacement. Receiving a custom dental implant may be the most effective way to replace a tooth.

The dental implant procedure is typically performed in a single outpatient visit while you are under the effects of deep sedation to remain comfortable at all times. At the end of your appointment, you may still feel sedated and sluggish, and we encourage you to arrange a ride home from a friend or family member in advance.

The first step is for the oral surgeon to create a channel into the jawbone to gain direct access to the underlying bone so that she screw in the titanium abutment–a material that is biologically safe. For this reason, titanium can fuse with the natural bone tissue to create an anchor that lasts a lifetime and supports the dental crown that is placed next.

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