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Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue. In fact, it’s one of the most destructive dental issues in the world today. It can severely harm your teeth and smile in more ways than you might realize. This is why it’s very important to treat your tooth decay as soon as possible. In order to do so, you need to recognize the signs. Our dentist, Dr. Jorgensen, is happy to help you by telling you all about the signs of tooth decay, which are:

-Tooth pain (A toothache is one of the most common symptoms of a cavity)

-Pain when putting pressure on the tooth (Sensitivity while chewing is a major sign)

-A noticeable pit in the tooth (If there is a hole in the tooth, big or small, that’s a big sign of a cavity. Sometimes the pits are only noticeable in an X-ray)

-Pus around the tooth (If pus leaks out of the surrounding gums, it’s very important to visit our office for treatment)

There are many causes of tooth decay, like poor oral hygiene, plaque buildup, dry mouth, consuming a lot of sugary and high-carbohydrate foods and drinks, exposing your teeth to bacteria and acid and more. If you have a cavity, it’s very important to treat it right away so it doesn’t get worse and affect more of the tooth as well as the surrounding teeth.

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